Fruit & Vegetables

Photo of Cucumbers Baby Punnet

Cucumbers Baby Punnet

$6.48 each

Photo of Eggplant Italian Kg

Eggplant Italian Kg

$16.88 per kg

Photo of Kale Loose Kg

Kale Loose Kg

$9.08 per kg

Photo of Salad Mix Case

Salad Mix Case

$24.57 each

Photo of Snow Pea Sprouts Pnt

Snow Pea Sprouts Pnt

$4.53 each

Photo of Walnuts Kg

Walnuts Kg

$19.48 per kg

Photo of Basil Thai Ea

Basil Thai Ea

$5.18 each

Photo of Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves 20g

$5.18 each

Photo of Galangal Kg

Galangal Kg

$25.98 per kg

Photo of Kale Purple Ea

Kale Purple Ea

$5.18 each

Photo of Mushrooms Sheimegi

Mushrooms Sheimegi 300g

$7.78 each

Photo of Radicchio Ea

Radicchio Ea

$6.48 each

Photo of Taro Kg

Taro Kg

$22.08 per kg

Photo of Tarragon Bch

Tarragon Bch

$9.08 each

Photo of Tumeric Kg

Tumeric Kg

$64.98 per kg

Photo of Witlof Kg

Witlof Kg

$25.98 per kg

Photo of Wombuk Half Kg

Wombuk Half Kg

$5.18 per kg

Photo of Leafy Patch Rocket Leaves

Leafy Patch Rocket Leaves 100g

$3.88 each

Photo of Leeks Baby Bunch

Leeks Baby Bunch

$7.78 each

Photo of Lime Leaves Pnt

Lime Leaves Pnt

$3.88 each

Photo of Mushrooms Oyster Pnt

Mushrooms Oyster Pnt

$7.78 each

Photo of Pan Dan Leaves Ea

Pan Dan Leaves Ea

$5.18 each

Photo of Tomatoes Medley

Tomatoes Medley 200g

$6.48 each

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