Fruit & Veg $75 Box

$75.00 each


26/02/24 - 03/03/24 These are our most popular boxes as they contain a seasonal mix of fruit, vegetables and salad ingredients. Contents change weekly and are subject to change without notice This weeks $75 box includes: Luv Produce Brown Onions 750g, Cauliflower , Lettuce Iceberg , Sweet Potato Gold , Potatoes Brushed 5kg Bag, Tomatoes Mini Roma Pnt, Banana , Nectarines White Flesh , Nectarines Yellow Flesh , Carrots 1kg Bag, Capsicum Green , Grapes Red Seedless Approx.1kg Bag, Chillies Long Green , Sweet Corn , Zucchini , Baby Buk Choy Bch, Cucumber Continental , Eschallots Bch, Mushrooms Cup , Strawberries 250g Pnt, Passionfruit Panama , Oranges Valencia, Apples Gala Budget kg NEW SEASON, Pineapple Topless , Lemons , Avocado Hass

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