New Parents Gift Box

$70.00 each


22/04/24 - 28/04/24 Instead of sending flowers, send the gift of fresh seasonal produce with some groceries to new parents! Contents change weekly and are subject to change without notice What's in the box this week: Luv Produce Brown Onions 750g, Sweet Potato Gold, Potatoes Brushed 5kg Bag, Pumpkin Jarradale Whole, Plums Red, Carrots 1kg Bag, Grapes Black Seedless Approx.1kg Bag, Broccoli, Zucchini, Baby Buk Choy, Eschallots, Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms Flat, Garlic, Mandarin Imperial, Apples Fuji Budget, Please note you are now getting an extra full box with the total of boxes increased slightly! Biscuits Oreo's Original Vanilla Creme, Bread Davies Multigrain Toast 650g, Chips Smith's Original 170g, Pasta Sauce Billabong Sylvia's Gluten Free 700ml LOCAL, Pasta 500g, Softdrink Tru Blu Lemonade 1.25L